I remember well the devastation of finding out about his affair. And, I also know the blessings and joy that can come later, for ourselves and our marriage, if we know the right steps to take and have a knowledgeable guide to direct us along the way. That is what I want to do for women like me – women like us. To help us move beyond the betrayal and into a healed and thriving life and marriage. ~Monica Humpal MCC

Monica provided guidance, encouragement and humor while helping me develop workable steps to address my issues. She approached our sessions thoughtfully, well-prepared and without judgment, just support. I’d absolutely recommend Monica for coaching!

Heather R.

Building a Better Marriage After the Affair

Infidelity leaves tremendous damage behind – damage to us as individuals and damage to the marriage. If we choose to reconcile, we are left wondering if our marriage could ever be healthy again – and if it’s even worth saving. My answer is “YES” to both! As a Master Certified Relationship Coach, I can help you communicate better, unlock your own strengths and gifts to enhance your marriage, create healthy boundaries, identify your core values so that you can live into your authentic self, and navigate any obstacles you may be facing. Moving beyond the affair and creating healthy marriages take work and I can help you along your journey.

“We found Monica by pure chance when we were seeking someone to facilitate our pre-marital counseling, and we ended up loving her so much that we asked her to officiate our wedding in place of the person we had originally hired! She is incredibly kind, a great listener, and has amazing insights that can help people in any relationship or marriage, whether you are just getting started or have been married for years. She equipped my husband and I with tools we didn’t even know we needed but are now so thankful to have as we embark on the rest of our lives together.”
– Chris & Kelli