Out With the Old, In With the New

I have this funny little plant in my bathroom. Steve and I think we got it years ago when our daughter was having minor surgery. He kept it at his office for a long time, but now that he works from home so much it lives in our bathroom so it stays watered. I adore taking long hot baths so this is my view when I’m soaking and relaxing.

I’ve watched this plant for a while now and it looks so healthy. Yet, every now and then a random dead leaf will be lying under it. I’m so baffled at this because I don’t recall ever seeing a leaf browning or dying. It’s as though one day all leaves are perky and healthy and the next, one is lying dead next to the plant.

Even though numerous dead leaves have fallen from this beautiful plant, bright new leaves have sprung onto the top. It’s as though this plant continues to recycle itself as it sheds the old unhealthy just to add the new and healthy. What a great way live our lives!

Marriages have suffocated under the weight of “unhealthy” things we carry from our past. Whether it is the past hurts we refuse to forgive or the mistakes that can’t seem to be left behind us, these are toxic to any relationship. The way to grow in a healthy way is to let go of the things that are harming us, both individually and as a couple. Mistrust, refusing to forgive, continuing to remind the other of their mistakes . . . these are all poison to an otherwise healthy relationship.

Imagine your relationship free of these things that are prohibiting your growth. Imagine fully trusting your partner, forgiving them, and living for today with a hopeful tomorrow. My friends, I’d much rather have that relationship than one that holds on to its dead leaves and never grows. We need to let go to thrive. Let’s prune our relationships to make room for some healthy growth!

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