Why We Choose Anything Over Uncertainty

My son has always needed to know what’s coming next. When he was little we had to literally give him a step-by-step agenda of where we were going, what we were doing, and how long we’d be there. He needed the comfort of knowing what to expect. If he didn’t have that assurance he wasContinue reading “Why We Choose Anything Over Uncertainty”

It’s Not About Boxing

My husband and I recently saw “Creed III” in the theaters. It was enjoyable and matched a similar pattern to the Rocky films (don’t worry, I won’t give spoilers). You know the pattern – a boxer having an internal crisis ends up working it out in the boxing ring. That’s how I felt in affairContinue reading “It’s Not About Boxing”

Battling Resentment After an Affair

I watched a fantastic interview with Brene Brown today that sparked my curiosity around the root of resentment. I had always felt that resentment was an outcome of unresolved anger. And, perhaps to some degree it could be. But, Brene shared her theory that resentment forms out of our envy for another person. And, thatContinue reading “Battling Resentment After an Affair”

Loving Ourselves Better

I love Miley’s new song, “Flowers.” It’s short, it’s simple, and yet the point it makes is spot on. I know there is a lot of speculation regarding Miley’s subtext surrounding this song – was this a revenge song after her husband cheated on her? Who knows. But, the lyrics tell the story of aContinue reading “Loving Ourselves Better”